November, 2007


Photoshop Tip: Reverse Layers

I've come to use this nifty little keyboard shortcut combination for Reverse Layers within Adobe Photoshop CS or greater. And, it's a safe key-combination to use from the default set.
  1. Open up your Keyboard Shortcuts Panel.
  2. Navigate to the Layer menu.
  3. Further down to the Arrange submenu
  4. Further-still down to the Reverse option
  5. Bind the key-combination (MAC:) COMMAND+SHIFT+r (PC:) CTRL+SHIFT+r to this option
Now select a group of layers in your layers palette. Hit your new keyboard shortcut, and voila! Layers reversed.
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Actionscript Tip: PHP-style Variable Variables

Variable Variables may be a different concept for the need and result I came up with, but Variable Variables is what lead to my re-discovery of the powerfully dynamic set(); function in actionscript. Discovery I have been working on a small Flash CS3 project that imports and displays information stored in XML. Like many, who wouldn't want their actionscript to be:
  • simple
  • clean
  • dynamic
  • scalable
... all to the synchronous XML data and design requirements that might change down the road? Everything was going fine until I hit a little roadblock in my XML parsing loop. How do I get flash to create variably-named variables? I found out my solution after some intensive research, here's how ... Continue reading →
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