February, 2010


Understanding Flash Banner Advertising on Google

I am creating a unique set of banner advertisements for a client of mine and after quite an exhaustive search, without having to actually force myself or anyone into creating an AdWords account to glean more information I managed to come up with a list of how I believe Google AdWords advertising works with flash banners: 1. in your AdWords account, you create a campaign 2. the campain has details for keywords and descriptions of the campaign for relevance 3. you then input the destination for the campaign banners (http://www.yourwebsite.com/destination/) 4. then you upload your set of banners to the campaign (swfs, gifs, jpgs, or pngs) 5. then you pay for an advertising exposure package (how much money determines the quality of your campaigns exposure on Google's advertising network) 6. the rest, is all done by Google's servers and their advertising network Google's advertising partners must all have a specific set of javascript codes on their website to handle the banners embedded on their website by Google. If your banner shows up on XYZ.com,.. then XYZ.com's website has this javascript code to handle the ClickTag embedded in that Flash banner. As well, XYZ.com's website already knows to go to the destination (http://www.yourwebsite.com/destination/) because it got it from Google (when you gave it to Google in your campaign in your AdWords account). Google dynamically provided your campaign destination to their advertising partners, only when the banner was displayed on their ad partners' websites. In the meantime, the ClickTag, also allows Google to record how many people have clicked on a specific banner - and this allows them to provide a whole set of statistics based around the campaign - whether more money needs to be invested in the advertising, or maybe the banner needs to be more eye-catching. I found a website that explains the latest Actionscript 3 code to put into Flash (for Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4) for banners to be effective on Google's advertising network of partners: http://www.genelu.com/content/view/98/1 I hope this explains things a bit better, and regardless the banner should end up working once it's uploaded to Google AdWords.
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