February, 2011


Interac goes Social, Show Some Appreciation!

Interac goes Social, Show Some Appreciation!:

Interac LogoI don't personally know a single Canadian that doesn't use Interac. From that big purchase at department store to the small coffee at Tim Hortons, Canadians may at times, take for granted the convenience behind our electronic debit system.

With that said, Interac just launched their Facebook and Twitter profiles today.

The reason why I am posting this, is because I launched it for them!

While working at Navgator, I was tasked with building their social media strategy and I had the pleasure of working with their communications team to create a couple different mockups and ideas for launching a fiscally fit themed launch.

I admit my surprise that they didn't have social media profiles up on Facebook or Twitter earlier.

I encourage everyone to go "spend" some time, thank Interac for being a great service, view their new TV commercial with their lovable Interac Truck, and enter into their "Financially Fit Contest" for a chance to win a cash prize!

Lastly don't forget to share their Facebook page with your friends or follow them on Twitter!

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