Celedays Calendar

Here’s a project I worked on for my Typography 4: Expressive Type class.

The concept revolves around a calendar, “.. [it may be] a usable calendar or one that simply incorporates the elements that one associates with a ‘calendar’. I.E. numbers, the months, times, days, seasons etc. It’s all about carving up, distribution and categorization of ‘TIME’…”

My calendar distributes time by day, with the topic of holidays as a focus. The names of the holidays were collected at random from polling various people on Facebook asking them for one new holiday celebration per month, I call “Cele-days”.

The poll was conducted through my personal alias Facebook page (Something Interactive), where I created a simple Facebook App that used Google Docs as an embedded online form to collect information with, and also ensuring that anyone filling out the form needn’t leave Facebook.

I pitched the project on the Facebook page with this headline copy:

What if the Canadian Government realized the citizens of Canada work extremely hard and proposed to offer twelve new statutory holidays, one per month. They’ve temporarily named them celebration days (“Celedays”). In time these Celedays will need a more fitting name based on contemporary importance. What name would you recommend for each month’s new Celeday? Please share your reasoning for naming that day.

Once I collected all of the responses, I eliminated the duplicates and created random filler days. Finally, the resulting output was coded and put online here in this presentation. If down the road I feel like want to revisit this, I can easily take the days and resort them, change the display functionality and restyle them easily.

In the first minutes of showcasing this to the public, I noticed that people immediately scroll to the Celeday that coincides with their birthday, how interesting and fun!!