Image of the Illustration of How to Tie a Tie

How to Tie a Tie

Image of the Illustration of How to Tie a Tie

Many people find it difficult to follow instructions because they cannot understand the components of the product. This kind of frustration can be eliminated if a designer identifies and shows the different parts of a product clearly. In this project I was asked to explain an object by identifying and showing its parts effectively and by producing clear and concise instructions as to the function of the product.

Working independently as a student in the Graphic Design 03 class at OCAD University, I was tasked to design an information sheet to help people understand the object and its function. I chose a neck tie, and the process of how to tie the neck tie.

My Approach

How to Tie a Tie Sketches

  • The drawings and the descriptions work in tandem. To be concise and accurate, they need the accompaniment of each other.
  • There is immediate complexity due to intertwining loops of the tie ribbon, this in turn creates many lines and shapes in the illustrations.
  • To assist in the illustrations and instruction, the left side and right side of the tie will be separated by different colour so as to differentiate the two sides.
  • There will also be two shades, a front (light) shade and a back (dark) shade of each colour to also assist in differentiating the wrapping of the tie.
  • The overall impression is one of formality, including patterns, colours and typography associated with sophistication.