Separate WordPress dashboard URLs for multisite domain mapped sites

I have multisite and domain mapping setup on my WordPress.

I’m hosting one of my friends websites on it and want to have the experience as close to a separate install as possible.

I have the main site going to and when I want to administer that site, I just visit

However, I have a sub-site, domain mapped to and I want to administer it within the domain realm

For the most part, works when entered into the browser, but immediately redirects to and any subsequent pages fall under that structure.

How do I get the subsequent structure of admin pages to appear to come from and not ?

Well, after a lot of searching on google with different query terms, I finally found out that there is a setting in the domain mapping that already does this.

The following link explains it a bit better:


  1. Go to Network Admin > Dashboard > Settings > Domain Mapping
  2. Under Domain Options, uncheck #1 (Remote Login)
  3. Under Domain Options, uncheck #4 (Redirect administration pages…)

That should do it.

Additionally, I enabled option #2 and #3 and unchecked #5.

This makes sure that:

  1. search engines recognize the redirect as permanent 301 (not temporary 302)
  2. the users have access to the domain mapping settings in wordpress
  3. if you have various domain names mapped to one of the sites on your network (they act like separate aliases or sites), unchecking #5 will make sure that they act like one site by redirecting them to the primary domain name mapped for that site on your network.