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  • Guide: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux

    I have stopped using this home automation technique and can no longer support this guide. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting the X10 CM15A USB module to work under Ubuntu on a personal home computer, and then to further get the iPhone Home Controller web-based interface to connect with that module. For those that […]

  • Some things may changeā€¦

    Below is an essay that I recently wrote for an entrance application to York University’s joint Bachelor of Design Undergraduate program with Sheridan College. Entrants were asked to read an excerpt from an essay, summarize in our own words, the points made and then pick two of the points and find 2 examples that illustrate […]

  • Mark James Joseph Kormendy (1964-2008)

    Today I mourn the loss of my brother. With his siblings and parents at his side, Mark James Joseph Kormendy peacefully passed away in Guelph General Hospital at 5 minutes to 3pm. With ironic grace there could be no better opportunity to say goodbye, with family at your side. Mark, I already miss you so […]

  • Photoshop Tip: Keep Rulers 'Off' When Possible

    When I work in Photoshop I usually have my screen mode set full screen, so that I can use my screen to it’s maximum potential and edit artwork that bleeds off the edges of the document area. I recently turned off my rulers (PC: CTRL+r MAC: Command+r) for even further maximum viewing area, and noticed […]