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  • Jack of all trades and a master of none, is better than being a master of one.

    Being mediocrely good at everything is much better than being the best at one thing and not being able to do anything else. People are the most happy when their lives are enriched with difference; You may be the best, but someone else will surpass your abilities eventually; Diversity helps to teach you how to…

  • Welcome to Health Quality Ontario–a website by Mike Kormendy

    Welcome to Health Quality Ontario–a website by Mike Kormendy

    As HQOA years worth of design, programming and collaboration comes to the forefront. I couldn’t be happier to have produced something as complicated and successful.

  • Find Out About Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes

    Today, Health Quality Ontario’s Long-Term Care Public Reporting Website was refreshed with home-level data for all 630+ long-term care homes in Ontario. This is a first for the province – in fact, HQO now hosts the most comprehensive long-term care public reporting website in Canada. Any member of the public who is interested in long-term…

  • My Steve Jobs Tribute

    I did this digital tablet drawing of Steve Jobs for a class project in school. I spent quite a bit of time huddled over my Wacom Cintiq trying to reference draw this portrait, and it just goes to show you that Steve Jobs had an influence my life not just in the products his company…

  • ProgressivePower Brand Guide

    Here are a few snapshots of the brand guide I created for my fictitious electric utility company for Graphic Design 4 class at OCAD University. Brand guides are often much more detailed and unpacked – this was what was due for this course however. Interested in seeing more? Download the full Brand Guide in PDF…

  • Celedays Calendar

    Celedays Calendar

    Celedays Calendar: Here’s a project I worked on for my Typography 4: Expressive Type class. The concept revolves around a calendar, “.. [it may be] a usable calendar or one that simply incorporates the elements that one associates with a ‘calenda…

  • Permissions on Unix

    I need to put this as a post on my site as I often forget what permission settings are and their corresponding numbers are for CHMOD and the like. 1 execute 2 write 3 execute+write 4 read 5 execute+read 6 write+read 7 execute+read+write