Jack of all trades and a master of none, is better than being a master of one.

Being mediocrely good at everything is much better than being the best at one thing and not being able to do anything else.

  • People are the most happy when their lives are enriched with difference;
  • You may be the best, but someone else will surpass your abilities eventually;
  • Diversity helps to teach you how to accomplish being better at more tasks;
  • When you think you are the best at one task, you never truly are as there is always someone better – try your hardest at everything;
  • Doing one thing over and over becomes easier and easier, doing different things is difficult – people respect those who accomplish difficult tasks and never praise those who took the easy route;
  • Living life is never the same equation, adapting to difference and solving life’s riddles of tasks is the basis for ultimate survival.