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  • Health Quality Ontario wins Silver 2013 W³ Award

    Not one, but two awards were won by the website. In addition to the prestigeous Summit Awards, the W³ Awards Silver Award honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs. Simply put, the W³ is the first major web competition to […]

  • Health Quality Ontario Website Wins 2013 Summit Creative Award

    Health Quality Ontario was the recipient of the Silver Summit International Award in the Government Website category. Summit International Awards recognize “best in class” creative and communications excellence. HQO’s site competed with over 5,000 submissions from 23 countries. I am very proud to have received this award; it is a reflection of the hard work […]

  • Welcome to Health Quality Ontario–a website by Mike Kormendy

    Welcome to Health Quality Ontario–a website by Mike Kormendy

    As HQOA years worth of design, programming and collaboration comes to the forefront. I couldn’t be happier to have produced something as complicated and successful.

  • Find Out About Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes

    Today, Health Quality Ontario’s Long-Term Care Public Reporting Website was refreshed with home-level data for all 630+ long-term care homes in Ontario. This is a first for the province – in fact, HQO now hosts the most comprehensive long-term care public reporting website in Canada. Any member of the public who is interested in long-term […]

  • Proper MIME types for Embedded @font-face Fonts

    There are a number of font formats that one can set MIME types for, on both Apache and IIS servers. I’ve traditionally had luck with the following settings.

  • Separate WordPress dashboard URLs for multisite domain mapped sites

    I have multisite and domain mapping setup on my WordPress. I’m hosting one of my friends websites on it and want to have the experience as close to a separate install as possible. I have the main site going to and when I want to administer that site, I just visit However, I […]

  • WordPress injection attack, JavaScript code disables site.

    The other day I found this piece of code in many of my JavaScript files on a WordPress installation I had running. This code disabled my website, but I was more curious how the code was injected to every JavaScript file that I had running for the various plugins and scripts I made for the […]