Photoshop Tip: Reverse Layers

I’ve come to use this nifty little keyboard shortcut combination for Reverse Layers within Adobe Photoshop CS or greater. And, it’s a safe key-combination to use from the default set.

  1. Open up your Keyboard Shortcuts Panel.
  2. Navigate to the Layer menu.
  3. Further down to the Arrange submenu
  4. Further-still down to the Reverse option
  5. Bind the key-combination (MAC:) COMMAND+SHIFT+r (PC:) CTRL+SHIFT+r to this option

Now select a group of layers in your layers palette. Hit your new keyboard shortcut, and voila! Layers reversed.

7 thoughts on “Photoshop Tip: Reverse Layers”

    1. Good call!

      I usually end up re-assigning reserved keys to my own custom set and save it for future versions.
      I think it would be nice if Adobe would create a CS5 Settings Import/Export system so that you can transport these settings from work/home/school etc!

  1. Amazing. We do a lot of screen shots of online applications for user guides, and we capture them from start to finish which stores them in Photoshop from finish to start. Reversing the layers saves tons of time. Thanks for your help!

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