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  • Illustrator Outline Problem

    Illustrator Outline Problem

    About a month ago, a classmate of mine had pointed out that illustrator sometimes had a mysterious hairline around shapes of objects, even when there wasn’t a border or outline defined on the shape. Furthermore, this outline when exported out into raster format, retained and translated that outline into the pixels of the image! See […]

  • Interac goes Social, Show Some Appreciation!

    Interac goes Social, Show Some Appreciation!: I don’t personally know a single Canadian that doesn’t use Interac. From that big purchase at department store to the small coffee at Tim Hortons, Canadians may at times, take for granted the convenienc…

  • Gap's New Rebrand

    When I visited the Gap website this morning for the first time, I was appaled at the entire roll out (or lack thereof) of their brand across all sources: (old favicon still displayed on the address bar), wikipedia (not even updated), twitter account (not updated), facebook profile (not updated). It makes me wonder if […]

  • PHP GD Sharpening, Photoshop-style

    So I have been working on my thumbnail image sharpening script .. and I am happy to show some MAJOR progress. Go here: Testbed Image Sharpening I hope that you can see the difference in detail from the first image to the second. The first image is blurry and the second is sharper. When all […]

  • Photoshop Tip: Reverse Layers

    I’ve come to use this nifty little keyboard shortcut combination for Reverse Layers within Adobe Photoshop CS or greater. And, it’s a safe key-combination to use from the default set. Open up your Keyboard Shortcuts Panel. Navigate to the Layer menu. Further down to the Arrange submenu Further-still down to the Reverse option Bind the […]

  • Photoshop Tip: Keep Rulers 'Off' When Possible

    When I work in Photoshop I usually have my screen mode set full screen, so that I can use my screen to it’s maximum potential and edit artwork that bleeds off the edges of the document area. I recently turned off my rulers (PC: CTRL+r MAC: Command+r) for even further maximum viewing area, and noticed […]